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  Long ago before Princess Celestia was even born lived two power full ponys named Bright Skarlet and Night Melea.The two sisters were responsable for createing the ponys of Equestria. Skarlet used the power of light to create kind, careing, gentle ponys who romed the land and created towns such as Ponyvillge and Canterlot. Bright Skarlets light helped create Equestria for 20,000 years. As the years went by Melea became very jelous of her sisters work, kind fillys running around playing and haveing a "good" time. There was to much happiness for Melea to take, she had enough power to create her own kind. Ponys that were cruel, cold, mean, and bitter. These ponys harassed each other for several years, the citys were falling a part. It took over 1,000 years until Skarlet had found out that her own sister had started all this chaos.

But it was to late the Gods Of Equestria had found out before her. To most fillys and colts the Pony Gods are a myth, they never heard the real story about them. But they are real they watch over everypony day and night. Bright Skarlet was not going to let anyone hurt her sibling she ran up confront the Pony Gods to let Night Melea go unpunished. But they already reached divertik Princess Night Melea would spend 1,000,000 years in the realm of No Lands, the place were nothing excits and bring all of her evil ponys aswell. Skarlet grew teary eyed as the gods use their powers to teleport Melea to No Lands. But stangely Night Melea did not even give one sign of regrate, it's like she wanted it to happen. Skarlet ran up to her sister before she disappeared and told her good bye. Melea did not say a word then disappeared with no trace of every being seen again.

Bright Skarlet was never the same since that day. The only deed she had done was to control the sun until it was time for it to go down for night time. Everyday she would go into depression knowing that her sister is gone. Skarlet was all alone and had to do all the takes to make sure the world was perfect, without darkness there was to much light for even Skarlet to take in. That was the day she finally gave up. Skarlet sacrificed all her self and power. As she pareshed the brighted light ever seen came threw her tower and light stars flew threw the four coners of Equestria thus createing "the Elements of Equestria". Four alicorn princesses were given the powers of the following elements





Together would grow up and work toghether to create a peaceful world with some happy and some evil ponies, or so we thought. 100 years after the death of Princess Bright Skarlet, the baby alicrons of water and life had diappered with no trace. But the princesses of fire and air began to create a world with light
this is what the sries stoey is all about basically ^^
Kindlekitten123 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love it! I can't wait for the next one! <3
XXAngelwithStockings Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2012  Student Artisan Crafter
awesome i can't wait for the next one
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wow, really good.
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